Advocates are trying to convince state lawmakers to deliver more aid to the Rochester City School District. They headed to the state capitol on Tuesday.

Parents, teachers, students and members of the board of education showed up in large numbers, pushing to get the city school district out of a financial hole.

The energy students had weeks ago when they were protesting cuts to the teaching staff has made its way to Albany. The group is demanding 86 million in foundation aid to help the budget crisis in Rochester.

“Everybody is unhappy about the decision that is being made, so we chant, we want our money,” said Kerry Frasier, an RCSD Student.

“They’re really leading this in regards to how they feel, and then backing them up with legislators in Albany,” said Natalie Sheppard, a commissioner on the RCSD Board of Education.

The group is just one of many that will be in Albany through Tuesday afternoon before heading back to Rochester.

The major take away from the demonstration is the hope that lawmakers will give advocates, the union, and the school district a "yes" on funding to close the budget gap.