ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- New trial, different result as jurors found Jalen Everett not guilty on Wednesday of all six counts in connection to the 2015 Genesee Street triple homicide.

Everett, who was acquitted on three counts of murder 2nd and three counts of assault, walked out a free man following the proceedings.

Raekwon Manigault, Jonah Barley and Johnny "JR" Johnson were shot as they left a basketball game at the Boys and Girls Club in August 2015. They died, while four other people who were shot recovered from their injuries.

Everett was convicted of second-degree murder in November, but that verdict was was tossed out after it was alleged that a rogue juror used racial slurs and discussed evidence that wasn't permitted.

It took this jury just 2 hours and 47 minutes to return a not guilty verdict on all counts.

Everett's family cried tears of joy outside of court. He spent the past year and a half behind bars.

"No one wins in a situation like this," said Leslie Gordon, Everett's mother. "I am so sympathetic to them. Hopefully, they'll find the right persons involved in this situation, but they know my son had nothing to do with this.

This was the 3rd trial that Anita Barley, Jonah Barley's mother, has endured. Her son was 17 years old. Anita said she is choosing forgiveness.

"I'm not angry, I'm not," said Anita Barley. "If it was God's will for him to have another chance, then God bless him. I wish him the best and I pray he gets it together, and do what's right."

Jonah's father, Richard Barley, feels the outcome would have been different had more evidence been allowed.

"The first jury got to see more evidence than the second jury saw," said Richard Barley. "You know, it's Judge (Douglas) Randall. I think he was very hard on the DA's Office. I don't know if he has a gripe or a grudge against the DA's Office but, it was him."

Prosecutors maintained that while Everett didn't fire the gun that summer night, he was in the car from which the shots were fired. Everett's defense countered that there was no proof their client was in that car that night.

Everett was the second man to be tried in connection with the mass shooting outside the Boys and Girls Club. The triggerman, Johnny Blackshell Jr., is already serving three life sentences without the possibility of parole. A third defendant, Michael Mathis, is expected to be tried in June.