Salvatore's Old Fashioned Pizzeria in Webster served up something special on Saturday to those working on the front line during the pandemic. And it wasn't just their famous pizza.

Vincent DiGiorgio, owner of ONE Custom Clothier in Rochester says amid the COVID-19 outbreak, he knew there would be a great need for masks to protect frontline workers.

"We basically give of what we have, they're basically giving everything. I mean quite possibly endangering their own lives, the lives of their families," said DiGiorgio.

He got creative in giving back and utilized his resources to help meet demand.

"I happen to have a friend of mine overseas that actually runs a company that makes surgical masks and gowns and so forth. I called him real quick and said can I procure a mask. Within three weeks they were here and so just in time," DiGiorgio said.

Ten-thousand masks were signed, sealed, and delivered.

"They are FDA-certified, medical masks," said DiGiorgio.

DiGiorgio, the suit company owner, and a team of helpers hand-delivered ten disposable masks per person - to area first responders, health care workers and their families. Salvatore's drive-thru pick-up window on Bay Road made the perfect location.

"You know we wanted everyone to come down as quick as they could. I got to tell you the folks here at Salvatore's have done a great job with providing not only the building but the means to get these masks out to the people," DiGiorgio added.

Hundreds of frontliners responded to the kind gesture.

"It makes me feel really good. As it is, I took some ankle socks I had and cut them down the middle and made my own," said one woman in the drive-thru. "But these are going to be so much more comfortable to get out and we really need to protect ourselves."

A little help goes a long way.