College students all across the country are adjusting to a new normal as they continue their studies outside of the classroom.

One Rochester Institute of Technology senior says he's making the best of the situation.

"A lot of my friends that I've seen over the last 2 or 3 years, 3, 4 years, I won't see them again. We went on Spring Break. And we were like see you in a week when we get back, and it was like no, never see you again," said Miles Hood. 

Hood, like many college seniors, is dealing with a lot of uncertainty. He's not sure when his postponed commencement ceremony will take place or even what his next move will be once he graduates. 

"I do have an internship lined up in Minnesota for the summer, but they said that's on hold if it gets worse or (if) I'm not able to travel outside of the state, then that becomes I can't take that internship shoots my summer plans up," said Hood. 

Through it all, Hood is doing his best to stay upbeat staying current with his online work and connecting with friends virtually.

"We're all doing something different or ten of us are on the game together and everybody else is kind of watching. There's a bunch of us and we meet up and we talk, we chat and we laugh, we kind of keep that camaraderie up," Hood said.  

Even though Hood's college career is wrapping up, he's hoping that those heading back to school can embrace each other when they return to campus. 

"To everybody that's like left and coming back to university, I feel that now everybody will have more of a cherished memory. I think that they will appreciate that a bit more. I think this can be turning a positive into a negative," said Hood.