The Victor Farmington Food Cupboard is feeding even more families this week. Volunteers are busy delivering emergency food boxes all over Ontario County. The service is in high demand with many out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing.

"A lot of people are on the razor's edge... they work a couple of part-time jobs and those jobs are gone or going," said Karen Guidarelli with the Victor Farmington Food Cupboard.

These volunteers are grateful that they are still able to provide food curbside at the food cupboard in Farmington and deliver food to churches with help from a cargo van. The van was generously donated by the Davis family in honor of their son Alex Davis, a Victor High School grad who died in 2014. The APD Memorial in his honor and some of the donations to it support the Victor Farmington Food Cupboard.

"The van is a gift that was ahead of its time. We go out in the community with the van full of food and make sure people get fed. Right now we are using it as our emergency vehicle also so we can get food to satellite locations closer to people. RG&E sent two trucks and New York Beer Project sent a truck and they loaded emergency food boxes and got them to the locations we need them," said Guidarelli.

"If ever there was an opportunity to connect and what it means to be community we are in it right now. We are trying to that right here. We are incredibly grateful for the food pantry and incredibly grateful for the van which allows for drop-off and resourcing of people to happen and for folks who are as faithfully and as protected as possible continuing to serve," said Rev. Colin Pritchard, pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Victor.

A big thank you to volunteers here and all over the community. The Victor Farmington Food Cupboard is open for curbside food pick-up on Wednesday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Commerical Dr. location in Farmington.