ROCHESTER, N.Y. —The Jewish Senior Life community hosted its second annual Father's Day car show on Sunday.

Vintage cars lined Summit Circle Drive for all residents and attendees to enjoy. Organizers say twice as many cars registered for this year's event. Car models ranged from 1934 Ford Model Ts to a 1967 Shelby Cobra.

The event also featured food and music for the seniors.

"You're always searching for something to do on Father's Day," said Gene Trotta, executive director of dining. "Nothing goes better than a car show on Father's Day. Believe it or not, a lot of our ladies are excited about the cars. When you talk about cars there are so much history here. There are folks that bought their cars in 1967 or when they got married and they're still here with those cars. So there are so many great stories to go along with these cars. A lot of our residents had some of these cars. So it just brings up some great memories for everyone. And it’s just a lot of fun for everyone to get out on a beautiful day like today."

The car show was followed by a parade around the Jewish Home Farash Tower and Cottages.