Sometimes with fashion, designers need to take a chance, even if it means recycling an old idea.

A grandmother in Greece thought out of the box to make her look memorable and distinct.

"I don't go out a lot, I got to do something when I'm alone," said Rosa Ferrigno.

To pass the cold months, Ferrigno sews, knits, and crochets. Her eight years making men's suits at Hickey Freeman after she arrived from Sicily made her a human sewing machine

"Everything! You name it, she's made it," said Rosa's daughter, Francis Bertalli. "Like even on Facebook, all of the responses: ‘Oh, yeah, she made something for me,' or `She altered this for me.'  It's been years and years. Everybody's had a little bit of her creativity."

However, no one has what Ferrigno spent this winter making. She spotted a handbag at a family reunion last summer made from recyclables, inspiring her to learn how to knit plastic bags from a Youtube video. 

"Coming from Italy, my parents, we never wasted anything, we repurposed a lot of things. If it was good, why throw it out, you know," Bertalli said.

And why just make handbags? With 310 Wegmans bags that family and friends collected, Ferrigno knitted a suit — one she wears.

"They didn't even realize it," Bertalli said. "They thought it was a tweed or a yarn or something. Our whole life, she's always thought outside the box."

Her new spring line made national headlines. What will Ferrigno do next? 

"She'll come up with something," Bertalli said. "But who knows what?"

"I make a lot of stuff for the family and I give away too," Ferrigno said.

Spending time alone late in life can be a lot of recycling. Ferrigno spent hers making an original.

"She's like, even if they never use them, there's a memory of me," Bertalli said.