Operation Freedom Ride is a new charity rescue in the area, but it is already having an impact across the country.

With a room full of donations upstairs, people waited downstairs and outside for a truck of precious cargo to arrive Saturday.

“Everybody’s so excited. It’s like a new addition to your family," said Bill Carson of Rochester. "Hopefully everything works out great. It’s like you’re going to the hospital to pick up your baby. It’s exciting.”

Operation Freedom Ride transports puppies and kittens from kill shelters in the south, to people ready to adopt or foster in the Rochester area.

“They’re on death row. These are dogs that didn’t have a lot of time left," said O.F.R President Avery Hicks. "A lot of the puppies were found in the middle of the woods in a bin.”

Operation Freedom Ride has only existed for a year, but they completely believe in their mission.

 “People are realizing adopting is the way to go. I think it’s a generational change," Hansford said. "People like us are bringing awareness to the problem and how to fix it, and the benefits of saving an animal versus buying one.”

Despite the below freezing temperatures, waiting outside was completely worth it.

Those interested in adopting or fostering from Operation Freedom Ride can check them out on Facebook or their website.