ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Some local kids are helping restore a 200-year-old cemetery on Rochester's southwest side. 

The 19th Ward cemetery has been abandoned since the early 1900s.  Eagle Scouts and Girl Scouts are now cleaning up Rapids Cemetery.

They started by removing vines and weeds last year. Girl Scouts returned to the cemetery Sunday to pick black raspberries growing in a patch on the north side of the cemetery.

The raspberries will be donated to St. Peter's Kitchen.

"I think it's pretty cool that we're in a cemetery that has been 200 years old. And it's really nice because you get to see the history and all that," said Girl Scout Skylar Collins.

St. Peter's Kitchen isn't the only place benefiting from the restoration project. The project organizer says a restored cemetery honors more than just those buried.

"The 200 year time frame includes the years that Susan B. Anthony lived here," said John Curran, 19th Ward History and Archive Group. "This was also an area where Underground Railroad took place. So by honoring the 19th century, we honor the 19th Ward itself."

John Curran says RIT is working on an app to give a guided tour of the cemetery.