GATES, N.Y. — To envision an Amazon warehouse distribution center set for Gates, think of this place.

Imagine three Bills stadiums, nose-to-nose on property at 2600 Mainitou Road. 

What You Need To Know

  • Amazon will deliver at 2.6 million square foot warehouse to 100 acres of the Rochester Tech Park in Gates

  • The E-commerce giant is in line for $130M break over 15 years for its distribution center

  • The Gates complex will be third in Monroe County, following Amazon facilities in Henrietta and Greece

That is what the tech and e-commerce giant has planned for Rochester Tech Park. It will be larger than the new Amazon facility in Henrietta and one under construction in Greece.

Packages delivered by Amazon would arrive from the Rochester area hub, a 2.6 million square foot warehouse. There are also plans to build an RTS transit hub at the site.

COMIDA, the county's industrial development agency, held a public hearing on the project and took comments on the project prior to consider nine-figure tax breaks for Amazon.

Two people, both residents of Shepherd Road, near Rochester Tech Park, were the only two to comment.

"Because it has its own 531 exit and entrance to minimize traffic in the area, I have no problem with (it)," said Tim Rigoni.

COMIDA could approve $130 million in tax exemptions and tax abatement over 15 years. In return, it pledges 1,000 jobs and a $280 million project for Monroe County's west side.

"Do we really want to hand over 90% breaks over 15 years to a company like Amazon,” said a Gates woman who spoke to COMIDA and did not clearly identify herself in the Zoom public hearing.

"They promise to bring 1,000 jobs, but I don't know if it's going to be a good payoff for the community."

The speaker also spoke about the sudden exponential growth of the Amazon project in Gates. She cited a doubling of the tallest buildings in the project; from 50 feet tall to 100 feet. She also challenged the tripling of land used in the project, from 34 to 100 and the even greater expansion of the plant's number of loading docks from 76 to 258.

"I feel like this project has been hidden by individuals and entities from the start,” they said.

So far, there has been no comment from Amazon or Monroe County on what will be a 24/7 Amazon operation. Construction could start in March.

The warehouse could be operational by September of 2022.