As couples struggle to change wedding plans in the midst of a pandemic, a new and local business is offering a solution. It’s a challenge Carter Evans and Kate Wagner faced earlier this year.

Evans remembers the questions swirling in their minds as the wondered, "could we have the wedding? Could we not have the wedding? How many people could we have there? What would it be like if we could have it? What kind of restrictions would there be?"

Questions Evans and Wagner pondered when, after an almost two-year engagement, they had to scrap their 200-person wedding due to COVID-19 concerns.

"We were only about a month and a half out from our original wedding when everything changed,” said Wagner.

That’s when they found Curated Love: The Pop-Up Wedding Project, co-founded and co-owned by Lea Countryman and Casey Stevens.

"We lived in Boston together and knew pop-up weddings were big in larger cities,” said Countryman. “[We] thought, 'why not bring it to Rochester?'"

"We wanted to be able to come in and just take all that stress off their shoulders,” said Stevens.

And they did so by cancelling and re-booking everything Evans and Wagner needed for their new, 30-person August 1 nuptials. Their package includes every detail from the venue to an officiant, D.J., photographer and caterer. They now also have Zoom and online streaming capabilities for those who can no longer attend in-person.

"It's going to be really different,” said Wagner. “But, having just our closest family members present with us [will] allow us to really focus on the people closest to us."

"Everyone that we wanted to be able to involve...we'll be able to see them and they'll be able to see us, which will be really nice,” said Evans when asked about the online capabilities.

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