The owner of the Clinton Avenue Jewelry and pawn shop has been a fixture in the North Clinton Avenue neighborhood for 20 years.

Customers have been stopping by to see if the store is open for business after it was looted on Saturday.

What You Need To Know

  • Rochester pawn shop hit by looters

  • Shop owner says a group of up to 50 people were involved

  • The owner now prepares for what may lie ahead

“We do things for people. I have no idea why they would have to show such destruction," said Don, the owner. 

Don shared pictures of the destruction, but was advised against showing store surveillance video. He says up to 50 people were involved in the break-in — looters seen grabbing more than 50 watches, along with construction equipment — and the list goes on.

Don says a job that was not the work of outsiders.

“They’ve been here," he said. "They knew what to take and where to go and that’s what they did, they were in here quick.”

Don is working with police to identify those involved but believes more trouble may lie ahead.

“Now last week we were not prepared. Now this week, we will be prepared.”