Greece town leaders announced a small business assistance program on Tuesday. 

The Grow Greece Program is launching 'Phase One,' which will provide small businesses in the town economic assistance grants.  

Small businesses can apply for up to $5,000 in grants from the Community Development Block Grant fund, which has $100,000 immediately available. 

"It's $5,000. It's not going to go real far, but what it will do is just help," said Town Supervisor Bill Reilich. "And I know when you're struggling, every dollar helps. Whether it's to pay certain items, expenses that were incurred as a result of COVID, some losses as a result of it, but nonetheless we wanted to help as many as we could."

After the initial funding for Phase One is complete, town officials will do an analysis to determine if more funding is needed before planning a more long-term plan and Phase Two of the program.