Frederick Douglass spent much of his time working on his newspaper called North Star in Rochester. The location is now home to a company called P22 Type Foundry

"We're primarily a digital font-making company but as you can see from all around us that we have all kinds of historic printing equipment," said Richard Kegler, P22 Foundry co-founder. "Right here, this is a Vandercook Universal III which is a very sweet press for doing this kind of work."

"The technology goes back to Gutenberg, so we're talking 500 years worth of technology of letterpress printing which is essentially a flat surface, ink is applied to it, and then the paper is rolled over or pressed into it so letterpressed," said P22 Foundry Partner James Grieshaber. "So we're using the same technology and using equipment that would have been in a production, or a printing house or a commercial printing house from decades ago." 

"Some of our clients, like most recently, we've done a font for Fisher-Price, for Thomas the Tank, so that's going on coloring books and things like that. And we're also working on a font for Minecraft that's going to be spread out among several languages," Kegler said. "It's gonna be in several scripts and it's going to cover I don't know how many languages, but they need to make it a font that works across all the different countries for their apps."

P22 Type Foundry is marking its 25th year in business and officially moved into the historic Talman Building on East Main Street in Rochester within the last year.