There's a new art center opening in Irondequoit with studio art, theater and graphic design classes for people of all ages and all abilities.

This is art for everyone and The Art Center of Rochester opens Monday.

Owners, Kaitlin Blaine and husband Christopher are artists and teachers.

"We are excited. We had tons of support," Kaitlin said. "Our students, the community, children that ever attended our camps and people who commissioned us to do artwork for them. We’ve had so much positive support and luckily we have friends that were able to transform this space."

The Art Center is located at the corner of Titus and Hudson Avenues. There are a variety of art classes including graphic design and an afterschool art club from 3 to 4 p.m.

School-age children can come in and have open studio time.

"Chris and I have both seen it a lot in teaching at the child is struggling in some aspects, art may be their safe haven and where they thrive," Kaitlin said.

You can check out all the different classes and programs at