GOSHEN, N.Y. -- Alan Glustoff is an early riser. He milks his cows at 4am in the morning. And 5 hours later, he starts making the cheese.

"I’m excited about making really great cheeses, it’s fun, it's a challenge," said Glustoff.

He moved to Goshen from Pennsylvania about four years ago, bringing along with him his skills in artisanal cheese making.

He now makes 10 different kinds of raw milk cheeses for his company, 5 Spoke Creamery.

"The recipe that we’re making are based on recipes I’ve learned in places where I grew up in Illinois, in Vermont also in Europe," said Glustoff.

He said his move to Orange County has allowed him to increase business - in part because of his transition to 100 - percent solar energy.

After receiving a loan from Energize NY last year, he said he's been able to install more than a hundred panels, which helped him cut costs.

"That means what we can produce, what we can put out into the market place has accelerated and our ability to grow is that much more rapid," he said.

Glustoff said his business can now make up to 800 pounds of cheese a day - aged anywhere from six month to 18 months in rooms like this on site.

"We have our own heard of cows, we take care in that," he said.

Glustoff said some of his cheeses are French and English inspired flavors, and they're now being sold at stores across the country.

And with just a few years in Orange County, Glustoff said his dream is to grow his business with the hope of reaching consumers worldwide.