New York State Government Guide

State government has a direct impact on the lives of New Yorkers. From health care to education to environmental issues, your state lawmakers make decisions that affect you and your family. But how much do you know about what happens in the Assembly and Senate chambers?

Use this New York Government Guide to find answers to your questions.

How New York Government Works

Bills passed in the state legislature directly impact your day-to-day life, but how much do you know about how New York's government works?

Find out about the different branches of government, who’s who in New York government, what happens in a legislative session, and what bills are expected to come up this year.

Find Your State Lawmakers

The New York Legislature is made up of a 63-member Senate and a 150-member Assembly. Each New York resident has a state senator and assemblymember that represents them in Albany. 

Below are the maps for the New York Assembly and Senate districts. You can zoom in and maneuver each map to where you live. Then, hover your cursor over the district in your area to find your legislator. Click on the district to go to that legislator's website. 

Not sure which district is yours? You can look up all your representatives by going to the New York Assembly website or the New York Senate website and searching by address.


  • JANUARY 9, 2019: Legislative session convenes in Albany.
  • JANUARY 14, 2019: Start of session — work begins.
  • FEBRUARY 1, 2019: Final day for submission of executive budget. The governor is expected to deliver his executive budget proposal in the days before. The legislature will then hold hearings.
  • APRIL 1, 2019: Beginning of the new fiscal year — the traditional budget deadline. If the budget does not pass in time, the state government would shut down, although lawmakers and the governor can agree to temporarily funding without a budget.​
  • JUNE 19, 2019: Final scheduled day of the legislative session.

Senate Calendar | Assembly Calendar

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Live Updates From Your Lawmakers

New York State lawmakers like to use Twitter more and more to make big announcements, give updates on their bills, and share their opinions on a wide variety of subjects.

Our live feed helps you keep track of all our lawmakers in one place so you always know what is happening.


Each year, bills are introduced by the thousands in Albany. Some pass one or both houses, some are debated in committee and on the floor, and others make it to the governor's desk.

Do you have an issue that's important to you? There is an online search tool so you can keep tabs on what your lawmakers are talking about — that way, you can be in the know.

Advanced Legislation Search


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