ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- They say if you build it they will come. The same could be said when you grill it.

"It's really just American and International comfort food," Nathan Hurtt, chef and owner of Brick-N-Motor said.

Warm temps and sunshine means forkfuls of food from four wheels are back. You'll find Hurtt, whistling while he works.

"A lot of it is stuff I just like to cook and eat and I hope others do as well," Hurtt smiled.

Stop by the bright red food truck and you'll get a taste of burgers, a take on chicken and rice and the infamous 'crack cookie.'

"It's always got the best taste," Dylan Pfahl, of Charlotte said.

Just down the block is Macarollin.'

"It's awesome that the sun is finally shining and everyone is coming out of their caves," Ainslee Cunningham with Macarollin' Food Truck said.

At this restaurant on wheels, you'll find numerous options.

"The lobster macaroni is always a classic that everyone should look forward to," Cunningham said. "Summer, seafood, it's great."

Along with some new, secret recipes brainstormed over the winter. Parked right next to them, is Tony Simone.

"Yeah I've been here all winter," Tony Simone, owner of Tony Tomatoes Tuscan Wood-Fired Pizza said.

Simone said people crave that wood-fired pizza from a truck.

"You've got to always please the customers," Simone said.

He'll continue to do so, as the heat in and outside of his kitchen rises.

"I love it, but now it gets warm here," Simone laughed.

Folks make their rounds to check out what may make their mouths water most. 

"Literally the highlight of my workday is coming out and finding the closest truck," David Fetterman, of Brighton said.

And truck owners hope their hunger lasts rain or shine. 

"We do appreciate the people who come out when it's 30 degrees and raining out," Hurtt smiled.

If you have yet to try out local food trucks and wish to you'll have the chance soon. Starting April 29 is the Food Truck Rodeo at the Public Market.