For more than a decade, Friends and Family II Hillside Restaurant has been delighting guests with a range of delicious dishes at their Accord location.

"We have just completed our 11th winter. We fell in love with the area, we fell in love with the building and we've been very well accepted and we just love our customers," said Denise McCarroll, the owner.

The restaurant is a culmination of a lifelong dream and has become a destination for locals and travelers alike.

"We wanted to establish it as a place so that people would feel like they are coming home to dinner. So, we use the freshest ingredients we can. Of course that varies with the time of year. We just want people to come in and be comfortable and have good food and great service and enjoy themselves," said McCarroll.

The head chef cultivates the menu from his extensive experience from cooking various places, including the United Nations.

"My favorite thing? The Osso Bucco veal shank. You take the shank and you braise it in a lot of wine and herb. It's unbelievable. Sometimes when it comes out of the oven I look at it and I dance. Ox tail, same thing. Braise it in cocoa powder, raisins, and pine nuts, in stuff I like. Lamb," said Salah Alygad, the head chef and co-owner.

With a Continental feel and casual fine dining, the group at Friends and Family II (two), hope your first visit won't be your last.

"They always remember what they had. How good was it and they're happy. When the people are happy outside, I am very happy. There is nothing that makes me happy like serving good food," said Alygad.

"We just want them to feel comfortable and have a place to relax and enjoy and unwind from the stresses of life," said McCarroll.