Last month, the Ulster County Board of Elections sent out cards reminding voters about the presidential primary, but the date on the cards was incorrect. 

"Every year we do the annual mail check, it's this card right here, the yellow card; it goes out to every registered voter," said Democratic Elections Commissioner Ashley Dittus.  "It's very helpful. It lets them know what their poll site is and what the dates are for the election."

But this year there was one glaring error on those cards. It listed the original date of April 28 for the presidential primary after Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed that date back to June 23 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"That we send out through a vendor that we also use for our voter database software, and they had that scheduled to go out on a specific date. And right after they sent it, the governor put out the executive order that changed the presidential primary election from April 28 with early voting that was supposed to start this Saturday, and now that’s been moved to June 23," said Dittus.

While new cards with the correct date will not be sent out due to budget constraints, the Ulster County Board of Elections has posted the correct date on social media platforms to prevent misinformed voters from heading to the polls on April 28.

"When voting starts, we're going to be putting signs up at all of those poll sites so if someone does go, they’ll see a sign on the door that’s going to say that it's been moved to June," said Dittus.

And when voters do go to the polls in June, the setup will be quite different.

"There will be separation like you see at the grocery store, the six-feet distancing and we're looking into getting protective equipment because there are shared things that people use," Dittus said. "They all use the same ballot markers, they use the same folders, they touch the poll pads, so we're looking into wipes and gloves and things of that nature."

Governor Cuomo also signed an executive order allowing all New Yorkers to vote via absentee ballot for the June 23 primary if they are concerned about coming in close contact with others.

And don’t throw out that voting card with the wrong date just yet.

"There's a bar code on the card, "said Dittus. "If a voter brings that to a site and they present that to the inspectors, on the new electronic poll books that barcode can be scanned and it would skip a step and make it a little faster."

The start date for early voting was also pushed back to June 13. For more information about the June 23 primary and how you can apply for an absentee ballot, you can go onto or .