It's a dead heat in New York's 19th Congressional District — one percentage point separates Republican incumbent John Faso and his Democratic challenger Antonio Delgado, according to an exclusive Spectrum News/Siena College poll with two weeks to go until Election Day.

“I think people are excited about the possibility of change — real change, positive change. The possibility of true representation where you actually show up and hold town halls and post your calendar and make it publicly available to folks on your website,” said Delgado.

Faso, who is seeking a second term, says he's sought to make friends across the aisle during his two years in Congress.

“I've approached this in a very bipartisan way. I ranked 18th out of 435 in the entire House for being bipartisan. I think, frankly, my opponent if he were elected would be another rubberstamp for Nancy Pelosi. I don't think that's what people in upstate New York need or want,” said Faso.

The race is a closely watched one around the country as Democrats vie to wrest control of the House of Representatives from the GOP. The poll found a plurality of voters — 48 percent — support Republicans maintaining control of the chamber. Delgado says he's focused on key issues in the race, like health care.

"Never mind the fact that people independent of that are really hurting. They're struggling and they want care. They want affordable and accessible health care. They don't want to feel like they're living in a country where the only thing that can dictate that is the profit motive,” said Delgado.

Faso, meanwhile, is working to stem what could be a tide of voters upset with President Donald Trump, who holds a 49 percent disapproval rating in the district.

“I understand people are upset, many people are upset because they don't like the personality of Donald Trump and that's a factor in this election. But the fact is I've been able to work with this administration. The president is going to sign a major opioid bill this week that I had a major role in in the House,” said Faso.

Underscoring how the race has gotten national attention, Faso last week campaigned with House Speaker Paul Ryan. Later this week, former Vice President Joe Biden will headline a rally for Delgado.