Gov. Andrew Cuomo is doubling down on a promise to sue the Environmental Protection Agency if the federal agency says General Electric is done cleaning up PCBs from the Hudson River.

The EPA sent a letter Tuesday to GE saying it expects to finalize its review of the Hudson River clean up early this year.

GE asked the federal agency about a year ago for a certificate of completion of its $1.7 billion cleanup effort to remove PCBs from the river.

In December, the governor and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said they would sue the federal government if the EPA issued a certificate of completion to GE.

During his State of the State address on Wednesday, Cuomo reiterated that promise.

"If the federal government releases GE saying the cleanup is complete, I'm going to tell you what this state is going to do. We're going to sue the federal government to stop it because we're not going to stop our efforts until the future generations can fully enjoy the beautiful Hudson River," Cuomo said.

The EPA has said that based on existing data, it does not appear as though more dredging is needed.