Community health centers across the country would receive re-authorized funding through 2028 under legislation backed by Rep. Elise Stefanik, her office on Friday announced.

It's estimated 30 million Americans, many who live in rural areas as well as communities without many health care options, rely on community health care centers for treatment.

About 250,000 patients in Stefanik's North Country district also receive care at community health centers, she said.

“I’m working to protect Community Health Centers that provide critical healthcare and preventative services for families across Upstate New York and the North Country,” Stefanik said. “In New York’s 21st District, our Community Health Centers serve over 250,000 patients and extending this funding is critical to serving the needs of our region.”

The 21st Congressional District has five community health centers in operation, including Hudson Headwaters Health Network, Mosaic Health, North Country Family Health Center, Inc., Schenectady Family Health, and United Cerebral Palsy Association of the North Country, Inc.