State lawmakers want to stay in session, even if it's under revised circumstances of remote voting. 

Democrats Brad Hoylman in the state Senate and Deborah Glick in the Assembly on Wednesday urged the Legislature to continue forward with the post-budget session. 

They join Sen. James Skoufis and Assemblyman Ron Kim who have also called for a return to the Capitol, though most likely in video form. 

Good-government advocate Susan Lerner also backed a continuation of the session using video conferencing technology.

"Democracy doesn't pause, it adapts. While the Governor continues to triage the COVID crisis, the Legislature must take advantage of existing technologies to continue doing the people's business remotely," Lerner said. "Public services is a matter of moral leadership, and New Yorkers need our elected representatives to commit to staying in remote session now more than ever."

The Legislature approved a state budget at the beginning of the month, though the document is largely a placeholder as tax revenues remain largely frozen amid a shutdown of the economy and pandemic. 

The budget itself was approved under emergency rules that allowed lawmakers to cast votes and participate remotely. 

It's not yet clear what lawmakers will tackle legislatively, though they could take up a codification of the many executive orders Gov. Andrew Cuomo has issued, and perhaps go further with bills to tackle non-payment of rents during the crisis and making it easier to vote through absentee balloting. 

Lawmakers, under a calendar issued prior to the pandemic, were scheduled to return on Monday. The session's final day is June 2.