The three congressmen representing the Hudson Valley — two Republicans, one Democrat — are demanding that President Joe Biden declare a state of emergency for New York because of the large numbers of migrants arriving in the state from the southern border.

Reps. Pat Ryan and Mike Lawler joined Thursday in calling the migrant surge “untenable.” Rep. Marc Molinaro argued the current situation “cannot continue.” They said an emergency declaration would provide New York with additional federal resources, and allow the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help coordinate efforts to deal with the influx.

Earlier on Thursday, two buses of migrants sent from New York City arrived in the town of Newburgh, Orange County, increasing tensions between Hudson Valley officials and New York City Mayor Eric Adams over the influx. 

Adams’ administration has been struggling to handle the thousands of migrants – mainly from Latin America – who have been arriving in the city over the last year. Some have arrived on their own and some have been bused in by the Republican governor of Texas, in protest of Biden’s border policies, which Republicans decry as weak and ineffective.

Adams’ plan, released last week, seeks to transport some migrants to the Hudson Valley and house them there temporarily, with the city footing the bill, in an effort to ease a housing crunch for them in the five boroughs.

“From New York City, where they have more than 60,000 asylum seekers, to the Hudson Valley communities who were given no notice and no assistance to house asylum seekers, to the migrants themselves, simply here in search of a better life, this process has been a mess,” Ryan said in a prepared statement. 

“I have been calling for additional support for months to prevent us from arriving at this juncture, but my requests were ignored by the Biden administration and FEMA. Now, it is imperative they act,” Lawler wrote in his own statement.