A city filled with creatives and venues surrounded by iconic murals will host its first annual art show in the Wall Street Music Hall. Around 20 artists will display their work from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3.

After displaying her work all over the world, Kingston native Julie Hedrick will be featured in the fair with her pieces “Solar Flare” working in tandem with “Le Soleil.”

“The whole series I’m working on is really my fascination and current focus with what’s going on in the universe,” explained Hedrick. “The energy that is being downloaded from the stars to earth, I think, is really changing.”

The two brightly painted fixtures work in tandem, and will be interactive for viewers.

Those that visit the show will be able to sit in the chair, or “Le Soleil,” and listen to a poem written by Hedrick on their cellphones that is designed to enhance the experience. Her husband, Peter Wetzler, assisted in the audio production of the poem, and lives with her in a Kingston church they restored since buying it in 1985.

What You Need To Know

  • Kingston will host the first annual OMG Art Faire from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3

  • The Wall Street Music Hall will host the event

  • Julie Hedrick will be displaying two installations at the event

In that church/home/studio, Hedrick has pieces on display that range from all different chapters of her career.

From larger-than-life canvases covered in oil paints and her interpretation of September 11s, to miniature sculptures that acted as a way to ease her mind in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“I just started organizing and rearranging these pieces as my day goes along, and it felt as if I was sort of rearranging the thoughts in my head,” said Hedrick as she dragged a small, painted rock across its wooden base. “This is about creating objects that people can move and play with.”

These mini-sculptures will also be on display during the fair and visitors are encouraged to interact with the pieces.

For Hedrick, the Hudson is her inspiration and creating is her outlet.

Taking the sound of the leaves, wind and water of the river, her goal is to then transfer it onto canvas, or concrete wall. That’s where her favorite piece lies.

The abstract green shape graces a wall along her walk and is accompanied by other local artists that expressed themselves in a place for others to enjoy.

“The leaves are growing right up the side of the painting, right along the golden ridge,” said Hedrick.

It's details like the green of the leaves that Hedrick holds on to and transfers to her canvas. To be doing it and sharing it within her own community is just icing on the cake.

“Having an art fair here in Kingston gives me an opportunity to be present in my community, to be available in my community, to talk about what I do with my community,” said Hedrick.