Using technology to better connect the communities we live in — that's why Charter Communications recently donated 50 laptops to Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) in Plattsburgh.

The company announced the donation Monday alongside State Senator Dan Stec and State Assemblyman Billy Jones.

OATS helps older adults embrace technology and teaches them how to use it to improve their lives.

"The mission that OATS has moving forward is trying to make sure that seniors are learning, it's available to them, and it's not as intimidating because it's such an important part of our day now in the COVID world, where we've got so much, even increased reliance, on our connection through the internet for telehealth and for keeping in touch with our loved ones," Stec said.

"I say this is one of my most passionate programs because I've actually seen it in action," Jones said. "I've seen people learn from this. I've seen seniors connect to the world. They connect to their families. They've started up businesses out of this. They've done so much with this program."

Charter Communications is the parent company of Spectrum News.