In Liberty, a former slaughterhouse now stands as a sanctuary for abused and neglected pigs. Arthur’s Acres is home to more than 50 animals, including 26 potbelly and farm pigs. Todd Friedman founded the sanctuary two years ago, with a mission of education.

"How beautiful, how smart they are. I really wanted to bring awareness to people where they’re not just dumb animals," Friedman said. "They’re not bacon, they’re not pork, they’re someone not something you know?"

What You Need To Know

  • Todd Friedman founded Arthur's Acres in 2018 as an animal sanctuary

  • The sanctuary is home to more than 50 animals, including 26 pigs

  • After a fire in winter of 2019 destroyed one of the original barns, they're in the process of building a new one so they can house more animals

Many biologists consider pigs among the smartest animals on the planet, and Friedman reiterates that they aren’t dumb, dirty animals like often portrayed. They have names, which they respond to, and experience emotion like your pet dog or cat would.

At the sanctuary, a team of volunteers looks after the animals seven days a week. They provide warm blankets, fresh produce to eat, and clean water. Friedman says he can’t imagine himself doing anything else.

"I have the perfect life. I’m a volunteer and there’s nothing that I love more. I don’t take vacations, because where would I wanna go? I wanna be here; this is where I wanna be. I wanna be with these animals, I wanna be protecting them, I wanna be educating the public," Friedman said.

And he’s continuing to look forward, overseeing construction on a new barn despite weather delays. It's expected to be completed in the coming months. This comes a little over a year after a fire took down a barn, but spared them any injuries. He wants to continue growing the sanctuary to try and help as many animals as possible.

"Alternative therapy areas so that we can have physical therapy, we have chiropractors, acupunctury, no matter what the animal needs," Friedman said. "Whatever is gonna help them get better, we want be able to offer that to them to make sure that they have the longest, happiest lives."