Joy Morrow-Nulton and John Shults are proof that love has no limits.

“I’m looking forward to getting married to my wonderful woman,” says John Shults.

The couple is 94 years young and their birthdays are only 12 days apart. In the midst of a tough winter, their love blossomed and the two recently became engaged.

Even more happy news arrived for the couple on Friday, when Morrow-Nulton and Shults said "I do" to receiving a vaccine before their happily ever after.

This is their second dose, and now they feel they can finally start planning their wedding.

What You Need To Know

  • Joy Morrow-Nulton and John Shults' love flourished during the pandemic and they got engaged

  • State Senator Michelle Hinchey presented them with a certificate honoring their journey

  • For help on making a vaccine appointment, contact your state senator or county office

“It’s going to be at the end of March or beginning of April,” Morrow-Nulton said.

Their families are breathing a sigh of relief.

“We were just saying, like reminiscing, on that it was emotional because we’ve been so careful around them, and just how important it is to get the vaccine and, you know, what it means to everyone surrounding them, as well,” says Emily Loughran, Shults' granddaughter.

According to the CDC, eight of 10 COVID-19 deaths in the country have been 65 or older. The New York State Department of Health reports that 13.4% of the state’s population has received at least one dose of the vaccine.

That's information Joy and John took seriously, as they sought out their shots.

State Senator Michelle Hinchey presented the couple with a certificate, honoring their journey.

"We have had such a challenging year and to be here for a moment like this is so special and uplifting, you can feel it. You can feel the happiness that people have,” Hinchey said.

Joy and John say they’re happy to begin their life together worry-free.

“Being able to not be so fearful everywhere we go, although we will be careful,” Morrow-Nulton said.

For help making a vaccine appointment, you can call the New York State COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline at 1-833-697-4829, or contact your state senator or county office.