Ron English has been creating his unique art in the city of Beacon for more than a decade.

“We came up here for one of the very first street art festivals. It was kind of wild," English said. "So like, you know, we came up here to see Cycle and Lady Pink and all these people painting, and then across the street, were these mountains. We were thinking, 'wow what an amazing place.'”

What You Need To Know

  • Ron English coined the term POPaganda to describe his style of artistry

  • He is most notable for his MC Supersize and Abraham Obama pieces

  • His work can be seen in movies, books, and on television and walls across the globe

Working from his home studio, he finds inspiration in the beauty surrounding him, and immerses himself in picturesque mountain views and gorgeous sunsets.

“We found like a goldmine here, and that was not something that we expected coming up here, but you know, you never know,” said English.

Coining the term POPaganda to describe his signature style of artwork, his unforgettable images and creations can be seen in movies, books, and on television and walls across the globe.

His most notable images are MC Supersize featured in the hit movie “Supersize Me,” and Abraham Obama, a fusion of America’s 16th and 44th presidents that he created for the 2008 elections.

English said that while he paints pop culture, he has 100 of his own characters, and some of them are more famous then others. His creativity spans an array of artistic mediums - painting, sculpting, and creating music with his band “The Rabbbits.”

“I like doing everything, so I don't get bored with painting because then I'll stop and build some sets and do some sculptures. And then, if I get bored with doing the sets of sculptures, then I'll work on some songs,” says English.

Since the shutdown, English has been more creative, working on a variety of projects for future shows.

“In my normal life, I travel a lot. This year, I had almost a year and a half of dates booked solid, with only like a week here and a week there off. So I would have been still on the road,” says English.

Until he is able to go back on tour, you can see some of his artwork on his website