The toy drives continue!

The organizers at 6 West Barbershop in Middletown held its annual Christmas Toy Drive on Sunday, culminating a weeks-long effort of collecting donations from the community.

What You Need To Know

  • Over 300 toys were collected by the staff at the barbershop

  • Toys were donated over a two-week period

  • Owner Freddie Williams said he received toys from dozens of supporters, including teachers and Middletown police officers

"This year is phenomenal," said Carol Cuevas, co-organizer of the drive. "We have 300 toys. We’re just trying to give back to the community. It’s a true blessing to be able to do this."

Anthony Williams is dean of student support at Middletown High School. He said it was important for him to be part of the project.

"It’s so important. I believe success is measured by bringing others along. It’s important for us to be a model community to our students, affording us to come together as a village to impact our students and families (as) a whole," Williams said.

Freddie Williams, owner of 6 West Barbershop and a Middletown Enlarged City School District board member, said the project is an extension of the barbershop’s community work.

"When I originally opened the shop, I pegged it "The Community Barbershop," and that’s just what we do," Williams said. "We’re in the heart of the city of Middletown."

He hopes that it is an example others will follow.

"I just feel like every business has a platform to give back and should," he said. "It’s not all about businesses just taking money. Of course, you do have to pay the bills, but you should give something back to the community any chance you get."

While haircuts continued in the shop, organizers headed out to make toy deliveries around the city to ensure that no child was left behind.

"Because there’s so many people in need," Cuevas said. "Giving back is what it’s all about."