Kimberly Wragge has two children with Autism. Her 22-year-old son Anthony.

What You Need To Know

  • A mother said access to her son's favorite food grew difficult during the pandemic.
  • Her son is autistic and she said he is also a picky eater which is a challenge.
  • The community came together to help them both.

“He is verbal and you know he can communicate, and he is a big history buff, so he loves his history," said Kimberly.

She says Anthony's a picky eater who only eats a handful of foods. One of them, a very specific type of mac and cheese.

“So at the beginning of the pandemic I had gone out and made sure I had enough and as the pandemic was lasting a little longer I realized we were kind of running out of this specific type of macaroni and cheese," Kimberly said.

She posted in a Facebook group for parents with autistic children, asking if anyone sees this mac and cheese, to let her know which supermarket it's at.

“And then I would go out and I would pick it up. But then they ended up just buying it all, meeting up, wanting to meet up with me, wanting to come all the way out here to Port Jervis to drop it off, and it was amazing it was remarkable," Kimberly said.

Kimberly says having a picky eater is just one of the challenges parents of special needs children may face during this pandemic that other parents won’t.

“Because you know they love their routines and now we are home so their routine is completely different, um and also like not really knowing when it's going to end. They really thrive on predictability, structure, and concrete information and we really don’t have that," Kimberly said.

One thing she can tell her son is they won’t be running out of mac and cheese any time soon because, thanks to the community, they have around 100 boxes.

“Special needs families always have this amazing connection. like everyone kind of knows what we are going through and even though we might be virtual strangers, we are connected by these obstacles that these special needs families have to go through," Kimberly said.