ALBANY, N.Y. - Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the number of deaths statewide is dropping for the first time. He also said 74 percent of coronavirus patients hospitalized in state have now been discharged.

Cuomo says he hopes the plateau of the outbreak is near, indicating New York State may not need 110,000 hospital beds as he planned for.

There are currently 122,031 positive coronavirus cases in the state, with 67,551 located in the city.

The state's death toll was at 4,159, the state reported Sunday afternoon, up from 3,565 in the past 24 hours.

However, the number of deaths in a single day over the weekend actually went down, which could be a sign that New York is in the midst of the apex of the disease.

As of Sunday afternoon, 16,479 people were hospitalized statewide, 4,376 in intensive care. 12,187 patients were discharged.

“The number of deaths over the past few days is dropping for the first time. Beginning of a shift in the data in the number of cases. Total number of new hospitalizations is 574, which is obviously much lower than previous numbers. That’s partially a function of more people being discharged,” Cuomo said. “Then there’s a difference of, is the apex a point? Or is the apex a plateau?”

Cuomo also for the first time acknowledged that his own projection of needing 110,000 hospital beds at the peak of the outbreak may be an overestimate. He says a bigger concern is not hospital beds but critical equipment like ventilators.

On Friday, the Governor said a new executive order was forthcoming that would allow the state to transfer needed medical equipment like ventilators from upstate hospitals to downstate ones where the need is greatest. However, two days later we have still not seen that language.




The governor faced pushback from leaders in upstate communities who say the equipment should stay where it is.

Cuomo later amended his pledge saying only 20 percent of the equipment will be transferred and on Sunday he said it will only be moved as needed.

He also announced that the federal government is deploying 1,000 medical personnel to the City. This includes frontline healthcare workers.

And finally, Cuomo talked about the very real phenomenon of New Yorkers experiencing “cabin fever” as they stay home. He said he and his daughter are going to start running as a way to relieve stress. The Governor joked that even his dog “Captain” is feeling a little cooped up at the Executive mansion where they both live.