Representative Sean Patrick Maloney says a healthcare funding crisis could hit the Hudson Valley in just a few months.  

Maloney held a press conference Tuesday to discuss the impact federal funding cuts on healthcare programs will have for community health centers, including the Cornerstone Family Healthcare Center in Newburgh.

The Trump administration announced it would slash $1 trillion in federal funding for Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act and Social Security Disability Insurance in the 2021 budget. Federal funding for community healthcare centers nationwide is also set to expire if the senate does not approve an extension.

Congressman Maloney and the CEO of Cornerstone Family Healthcare say cuts to community health programs could hurt families nationwide. 

"The cuts in the president's budget are a clear and present to the healthcare of Hudson Valley families to our war against the opioid epidemic to trying to take care of our seniors," said Rep. Maloney. "We have to defeat these cuts so we can get the kind of health care we need." 

"Those patients are still going to need the care, where will they go, what happens if one day our health centers weren't here, where would 30 million people go?," said Linda Muller, the president and CEO of Cornerstone Family Healthcare. 

The senate's deadline to extend federal funding for community health centers is May 22.