Last week, John A. Coleman Catholic High School in Hurley told families it planned to shut down at the end of August, after more than 50 years in Ulster County. Since, a GoFundMe has been started to support the faculty and staff of the school.

"Our teachers have mortgages, car payments, utilities, children, and other expenses. In order to ease the burden of this lay-off, we are running this campaign," the GoFundMe read. "All money raised will go to nine full time teachers, four part time teachers, and three staff members who will need help. This means that the lump sum of donations will be split between 16 people, and GoFundMe takes fees as well." 

The fundraiser says it was organized by Anna Jankowski (Class of 2013), Luke Messina (Class of 2013), Marisa Hagerty (Class of 2014), and Dean of Students David Goho.

A message sent out last Thursday from the Board of Trustees president said enrollment was down and maintenance demands were up as the building got older. He described the school's ongoing operation as "no longer sustainable."

He went on to say, "Words cannot express our appreciation for the generosity and support our students, parents, alumni, and school community members have so freely given. We ask for your prayers for those especially impacted by this sad news and we will help with this transiton.”

The fundraiser has a goal of $10,000 and as of Thursday at 5 p.m. it was at $7,295. 

"We have all been shaped by at least one teacher (and probably many more). As alumni, we have many memories of our time at Coleman," the fundraiser read. "Credit for our successes in adulthood is due, in no small part, to the dedicated teachers who shaped our high school. It is our turn to pay back our teachers for all they have done for us.