There was not exactly a full show of support Monday night as residents in Vernon turned out to discuss the potential of Woodstock 50 coming to Vernon Downs in August.

The town board meeting included comments from the public, festival officials and law enforcement.

Residents are worried that the community is too small to hold the anticipated 65,000 people expected to attend.

Another major concern is emergency services. Festival organizers say they will provide health care for concert goers within Vernon Downs, but neighbors worry the influx of individuals outside the facilities could cause problems.

Law enforcement agencies are worried about the amount of planning necessary in such a small timeframe.

"I will never endorse any plan, whether it's this event, or any event, if I feel the public safety is at risk. And as of today, I am not comfortable endorsing this proposal,” said Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol.

Currently, Woodstock 50 is still a maybe at Vernon Downs. The paperwork has been filed and both sides will be given the opportunity to further discuss the idea.