Christopher Busby, General Manager of 613 Automotive, asked what would be next following a fire at the Ellenville business last week. 

"We were definitely heartbroken. This was our life — we ate, slept, and breathed 613 Auto on a daily basis," Busby said.

At the time of the fire, the South Main street business was one of the filming locations for the HBO series "I know this Much Is True," starring Mark Ruffalo.

"When you drive into Ellenville, that is the entrance [into the area] so the first big nice thing you see is that place and it's iconic. It has the look and that's why HBO wanted it. You drive by there now and it's just a pile of rubble, it looks like a bomb hit it," said Levi Hecht, owner of 613 Automotive. 

The company was working out of a temporary location down the road. Only 25 of their vehicles were damaged and he also made sure no one was out of a job. 

"Some of them were placed at other shops we own, some of them were placed here, and we're just trying to figure it out one day, one hour at a time" Hecht said.

613 Auto plans to rebuild and make sure they stay a part of this tight knit community. 

"This wasn't just a business in a town. We were part of the town and the town was part of us."