Jackie Bracco of Poughkeepsie plans to invite friends to her front lawn to watch the activity at the home across the street.

HBO is turning the home at the corner of Delafield and Hoffman Streets, and the surrounding neighborhood, into a filming location for a limited series the premium network plans to produce during this spring and summer.

The six-part series is going to be called "I Know This Much Is True." It is based on a book about twins who deal with mental illness, sexuality, and betrayal.

Actor Mark Ruffalo will executive-produce the series and play the roles of both brothers.

"There's a buzz," said First Ward Councilman Chris Petsas, during an interview Sunday.

Petsas said workers were at the home HBO is renting, cleaning it out to make it suitable for filming. So far, it appears only a few scouts are in town.

Based on limited information, Petsas believes filming will begin by April 1.

"Once they start filming, with the hundred or so people in their crew, we'll know they're here," Petsas said.

Petsas also said streets in the area will need to be shut down, temporarily but frequently. Several neighbors, including Bracco, said on Sunday they will not mind having to take alternate routes to work or back home.

Bracco even wants to offer the film crews some of her space.

"Like, if they needed to park their cars or if they needed something in this area," she said, "I have a big driveway and a huge garage."

Bracco, who tends a bar nearby, also hopes producers and cast members get free time so they can visit the nearby bars and restaurants.

"It's absolutely gorgeous here," Bracco said. "I just want people to see it, and be a part of it actually."

Petsas said he is planning an informational meeting for people in his ward to learn more about the excitement, and inconvenience, the project might bring.

HBO scouts have also reportedly chosen filming locations for the series in the Town of Ulster and Fishkill.

A premiere date for "I Know This Much Is True" has not yet been announced.