People interested in growing and processing hemp and CBD say there is a lot to learn about the budding industry. 

The Accelerator hosted a roundtable in New Windsor Wednesday, where current hemp processors and growers shared their experiences with locals who are considering the crop. More than 100 people came to the event.

Some say there are challenges moving forward, including the laws in New York.  

"New York farmers are at a disadvantage compared to places like Vermont and Pennsylvania, because of the way these laws are being structured. Really it's a great opportunity to call your senators, your elected officials, and tell them it's time to make a change," said Veterans Hemp Market Founder Jason Ambrosino.   

The goal of the roundtable is also to talk about the resources available for people interested in growing or processing. 

"One of the things we really focus on is trying to figure out ways we can help farmers re-purpose their land if they want to, and then also make sure they can get involved in the ground floor, and get a foothold in the hemp industry right out of the gate," said Orange County IDA/The Accelerator COO and Executive Vice President Laurie Villasuso. 

The Orange County IDA says there are plans to add a hemp Accelerator in Warwick.