Officials in the city of Newburgh said they might not have to vote to increase the tax cap after all.

The $45 million budget raised concerns when first introduced over the potential hike.

In Tuesday night's city council meeting, Newburgh's financial consultant Charles Duffy presented budget updates using more fund balance and increasing the sales tax projections, as well as some other adjustments and corrections. 

If these latest changes hold, that puts the potential tax levy increase around 1.8 percent, compared to the just over seven percent originally proposed. 

"We had to double down," said Mayor Torrance Harvey. "All of us, every one of us, had to do some budget analysis at home, late at night talking to Mr. Duffy, our consultant, in the absence of a comptroller."

The budget is still a couple of weeks from being finalized. The council will vote to approve a final version later this month, and then it goes to the state comptroller's office for approval.