John Chewens is deployed in the Middle East as a member of the military. He is also a teacher and coach at Liberty Middle School.

His students wanted to show that they are thinking of him, so they've collected snacks and coffee and other supplies. School officials say students who don't even know Mr. Chewens want to send items to show their appreciation. 

"Our service men and women, they really put their lives on the line for us," said said Liberty Central School District Superintendent Dr. Augustine Tornatore. "And this was their way of giving back to him. It really started off as taking a look at sending one care package and it just kind of grew. And we had other buildings in the district involved as well, so we were really fortunate that this has been such a successful endeavor."

Students sent about 40 letters, and Chewens already received one care package. A second box is on its way, and there are still two more to be shipped.