Abe Waruch did not hold back anger and frustration upon learning his friend and neighbor, James Schnurr, was among the 20 killed in Saturday's limousine crash in Schoharie.

"It blows you away," Waruch said.

Recent reports are that Schnurr, 71, and his son-in-law Brian Hough, 46, were outside the Apple Barrel Country Store when they were hit by a limo carrying 17 people.

"Jesus Christ Almighty," Waruch said. "A lot of deaths. 20 people killed in that automobile accident. Unbelievable."

Waruch described Schnurr as a "good carpenter and a good man."

Schnurr's immediate relatives had little to say on Wednesday when Spectrum News went to Schnurr's home in a remote area outside Kerhonkson.

One man who spoke briefly with reporters in the driveway of the Schnurr home said that since the investigation is ongoing and the situation is still raw and sensitive, Schnurr's family is declining comment for now.

"Look at where we live," the man said, motioning to hills and trees that surround the home. "You can tell we are private people."

Waruch, who lives down the road from the Schnurr home, grieved openly about a crash that recent reports indicate was preventable.

"It's sad. It's sad," he said quietly, before raising his voice in anger. "The worst part of it was that limousine never passed inspection."