Spectrum News reporter Ben Nandy caught up with Dutchess County executive and candidate for New York governor, Marc Molinaro at Sunday's "Year of the Veteran Parade" in Poughkeepsie.

Molinaro shared his thoughts on a handful of hot issues, including attack ads and the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Molinaro's opinion on the widely watched events from Washington this week should matter to some voters since he would be tasked with choosing high-ranking judges if elected governor in November.

As for how he views the process, Molinaro calls foul on both sides.

"The consideration of confirming a member of the United States Supreme Court — that process needs to be calm and collected," Molinaro said. "We need to get to the truth in all cases. I don't know that we have enough politicians in seeking and attaining truth."

When we asked him how he thought Kavanaugh did during Thursday's hearing simply as a candidate seeking a high level job, Molinaro felt it was not appropriate to answer.

"I'm not doing that one," Molinaro said with a laugh. "I have no opinion on that. Listen, they both gave what I believe were very passionate, very credible testimonies, but I'm not going to get into the business of judging."

We also asked Molinaro about a recent 30-second ad — paid for by Governor Andrew Cuomo's reelection campaign — that references Molinaro's past votes and statements on the wedgiest of wedge issues.

Molinaro said he has evolved on some of those issues.

While he opposed gay marriage and expansion of abortion rights during his time in the New York State Assembly, Molinaro said on Sunday he views both issues differently now.

His positions now are that he supports gay marriage and that he would not erode abortion rights as they currently stand in New York since it is now settled law.

"Those civil rights are going to be protected if I'm Governor of the State of New York," Molinaro said. "My personal opinion or what I thought years ago aside, it is the job of a governor to represent and serve all of the people and to ensure that we protect the civil rights of all New Yorkers. That I will do."

Molinaro's campaign, meanwhile, is focusing on corruption, playing up convictions of former Cuomo administration officials for bribery and fraud.