A Middletown woman says a metal bolt was in her Chipotle order. 

Andrea Bisel says she and fellow co-workers order Chipotle online from the Middletown restaurant about once every other week. But this week, she says she almost ate a metal bolt that was in her burrito bowl, which she describes as between the size of a dime and quarter.

Bisel says if she wasn't paying attention, she's worried the bolt could have hurt her if she bit into it or swallowed it. She says a couple of employees at the local restaurant did not want to fix the situation and came across as uncaring.

"We take all claims very seriously and we have apologized to our guest for not delivering a perfect experience in our restaurant. We are thoroughly investigating the claim, and we will take immediate action to make sure it doesn’t happen again," said Chipotle Chief Communications Officer Laurie Schalow.

"I just want people in the area to be aware that this store clearly has some issues, because even though those two employees work for Chipotle, they don't represent the whole company and the company that, the upper management that I've been dealing with has been extremely apologetic and trying to right the situation," said former Chipotle customer Andrea Bisel.  

Bisel says she does not plan to file a complaint, but she hopes the restaurant chain increases their food safety measures, and re-trains the local store's staff on customer service.  And Orange County's Department of Health says there is no history of complaints with the chain.