A longtime Hudson Valley football rivalry is set to take the field again this week. Middletown High School and Port Jervis High School are scheduled to play their well-known "bell game" Friday.

The two teams have one of the longest high school rivalries in the U.S., and this will be the 140th time they face each other. Whoever wins the upcoming game gets a golden bell to keep at their school.

Right now, Middletown has the bell, and they painted the inside blue for their school color. Middletown has won the last four games. If Port Jervis wins the game on Friday, they'll get the bell right after and pose with it, and then the school will paint the inside red for their team.

Both coaches say they're excited for the game. 

"This is a big deal. Doesn't matter, records thrown out the window when we play Port Jervis, and it's going to be a battle," said Middletown coach Tim Strenfel.

"Well, pressure is fun. We like the pressure. I talk to my kids all the time, they're like 'Aren't you nervous? Aren't you nervous?' And I always tell them no, but there's always a little bit of you that's nervous; but that's the fun of it, it's exciting," said Port Jervis coach Matt Polanis. 

The bell game is Friday at 7 p.m. at Middletown. The coaches say they anticipate thousands of people will come to watch.