A former NYPD Lieutenant was sentenced for raping two teenagers.

Nicholas McAteer headed into Orange County Court Friday. He pleaded guilty to forcibly raping two girls, sexually abusing them for over a decade.

He will serve 18 years in state prison, and will have post-release supervision. McAteer will be registered as a sex offender and must pay more than $2,800 in fines.

The defense asked for less than a 10 year sentence because McAteer's former career in the NYPD would give him "a uniquely difficult sentence." The Orange County judge told McAteer he is a disgrace to those who have served before announcing the maximum sentence. 

"The facts that these young ladies went through, and that this defendent put them through. 18 years is entirely appropriate, and hopefully he can rehabilitate himself in that time while he's in prison, but again I don't think that's going to happen," said Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler.  

The defense attorneys did not comment.