The man who admitted to spray-painting swastikas and the words "Heil Hitler" at Beth Shalom Cemetery in 2016 was sentenced to jail time Wednesday.

Eric Carbonaro was convicted of felony tampering with physical evidence and conspiracy as a hate crime. Carbonaro was sent to Orange County Jail until the end of August, followed by a year of interim probation, before the judge decides in February 2019 if the teen will have these charges count as felonies against him as an adult, or if he will receive youthful offender status, his record of vandalism eventually expunged.

The judge told Carbonaro if he wants to be considered for youthful offender status, he needs to do more than abide by probation rules and complete the minimum 150 hours of community service in Orange County. Judge Craig Brown said the teen must show that he is worthy of a second chance and is able to be rehabilitated.

Those who came to support Carbonaro say they did not want to speak with the press. One of his lawyers also did not want to talk on camera, but said he is "not unhappy" with the judge's decision, and will focus on Carbonaro getting youthful offender status.

"I hope that he'll be able to make an investment in his soul, and make different choices in the future," said Temple Beth Shalom Rabbi Rebecca Shinder. "But having a tearful 'I'm sorry' just as he's about to be carted away to jail, it's a little too convenient. It's a little too little, a little too late."