When then NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman spoke in Ulster County at a yearly brunch held by the Ulster County Democratic committee over the weekend, party leaders say he spoke like an ally for women. 

"He spoke very eloquently about the platform supporting the #MeToo movement," said Ulster County Democratic Women's Campaign Committee Chair Otia Lee. 

But fast-forwarding to Monday, when four women went public with allegations of Schneiderman's alleged abusive behavior against women, Lee says the claims are shocking and disappointing. 

"It seems that as a person in a position of power, they're not living up to what they stand on," Lee said.

For women who thought they had a champion, now there's a different story.

"His fall is difficult, because for the women's rights community, there just aren't enough men in the leadership community that champion women's rights," said Sonia Ossorio, president of the National Organization for Women New York City.

Ossorio says these accusations should make people rethink who can commit abuse.

"When you have one in three women being abused, that's a lot of people doing the abusing," Ossorio said, "and it runs across the gamut."

Lee says that the fall of Schneiderman demonstrates again what needs to be done within society to make the future better for women.

"We need to kind of help correct that aspect of our society, our culture," Lee said.

Ossorio says this latest news speaks to the continued reckoning in society around violence against women.

"It shows the strength of the #Metoo movement," Lee said. "While he is the latest, he certainly isn't the last."