For now, the snow is melting, but the wet, warm weather created new hazards across the region. 

In Westbrookville, fire crews and other agencies responded to a different type of winter hazard that trapped residents in their homes after ice jams flooded the area. A section of Route 209 was shut down as crews worked to remove the ice blocking the water from flowing under a bridge.

Officials say people had to be rescued from the floods, and the conditions are common near waterways when snow and ice melt because of heavy rain. 

In other parts of Orange County, rain caused slick roadways and clogged drainage systems created standing water hazards. Officials note that these situations remind residents that safety in these changing weather conditions is the main concern. 

"One main thing is never drive through standing water," said Emergency Services Commissioner for Orange County Brendan Casey. "You don't know how deep it is, so go around it if possible. Situational awareness is important for every citizen to have."

Though Friday's weather was unseasonably warm, the Spectrum News weather team advises that temperatures will drop dramatically overnight and could cause slippery roadways over the weekend.