NEWBURGH, N.Y. --- A new $15 million development project is underway in the City of Newburgh. The Newburgh Core Revitalization Project is refurbishing 15 buildings and transforming the properties into affordable housing units.

Community developer RUPCO inherited zombie properties from the Newburgh Community Land Bank. A total of 45 apartments will be converted and will assist middle income families, artists, veterans and the homeless.

RUPCO CEO Kevin O'Connor said he hopes the project will help residents rent more properties or even look into home ownership.

"People are moving here, there's interest again here and all of the river cities in the Hudson Valley have to come back. Anytime we have the opportunity to re-purpose abandoned buildings to treat things with historic respect, to create affordable mixed housing then that's our mission," O’Connor said.

The revitalization project is expected to be completed by Sept. 2018.